Imaging Centers

OnePacs Imaging Center Solution Package for Outpatient/In-office

OnePacs offers compelling imaging transmission and long-term archive solutions for imaging centers of all sizes or for in-office imaging businesses.

OnePacs can serve as the central PACS, RIS-reporting and storage solution at both a stand-alone facility and/or at multiple locations. Physicians and radiology groups can access patient exams and reports both on site and remotely. OnePacs offers secure storage and redundancy backup for disaster recovery, helping imaging centers to reduce the cost of local archive and hardware maintenance.

Advantages of Using OnePacs for Imaging centers:

  • Flexibility & Scalability:
    • Anytime, anywhere data accessibility
    • High quality medical data management services
    • Reduced medical image management costs and local storage cost
    • Complete redundancy backup & disaster recovery
  • Powerful and effective data analysis:
    • Business operations, referral patterns, productivity and turnaround time, and more
  • Referring physician outreach:
    • Instant on-line access to images and reports
OnePacs Web Server Imaging Center Hospital Network Distribution

The OnePacs System
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OnePacs Viewer Compatibility - Windows 7
OnePacs Viewer Compatibility - Windows 8
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