Consolidated study management and remote viewing capability

OnePacs supports hospital operation continuity by offering add-on solutions to hospitals of any size, from small community hospitals to large tertiary referral centers.


  • Not only can OnePacs replace old PACS systems, it can also be installed alongside existing hospital PACS for the specific functionality hospitals require such as: remote practice capability, unifying study management from out-patient centers, etc.
  • OnePacs can help hospitals improve the quality of patient care by improving workflow efficiency, shortening report turn around time, and increasing throughput and report accuracy.
  • OnePacs offers customer engineering and industry standard HL7 interfaces to automate communication with existing PACS, EMR, HIS or RIS systems.
OnePacs Hospital Referral Center PACS Workflow for Outpatient Imaging

The OnePacs System
is compatible with

OnePacs Viewer Compatibility - Mac
OnePacs Viewer Compatibility - Windows 7
OnePacs Viewer Compatibility - Windows 8
OnePacs Viewer Compatibility - Windows 10