OnePacs Viewers

OnePacs provides range of Viewer options to meet the individual preferences of each physician. OnePacs is also compatible with DICOM compliant viewers and Mac-based viewers including Osirix.

Diagnostic Workstation for Windows

Diagnostic Workstation for Windows

Web browser-based viewers

HTML5-based zero-footprint FDA-cleared web browser viewer

Diagnostic Linux viewer
Diagnostic Windows viewer
Diagnostic Java viewer
Java-based multiplatform viewer (Windows, macOS, Linux)
Compatible with 3rd party viewers for Windows
Compatible with OsiriX, Horos, and other viewers for Mac

Also compatible with third party viewers for macOS and Windows

Compatible with mobile viewers, including functionality on portable devices such as the iPhone and iPad

Mobile device-enabled platform; Zero-footprint web viewer and third party viewers may be used on portable devices

The OnePacs System
is compatible with

OnePacs Viewer Compatibility - Mac
OnePacs Viewer Compatibility - Windows 7
OnePacs Viewer Compatibility - Windows 8
OnePacs Viewer Compatibility - Windows 10